English website launched!

Spreading Our Wings Globally

In order to spread our wings and fly out into the world, we have created an English version of Nakagawa Seiki’s homepage. We hope to share all that Nakagawa Seiki has to offer.

You will no doubt become captivated by Nakagawa Seiki’s many amazing technologies! We will be updating the site regularly to include stories about Nakagawa Seiki’s past and present, an introduction to our technologies, and our CEO’s passionate ideas.

We hope you enjoy the world of Nakagawa Seiki!


About the Meaning of Nakagawa Seiki’s Logo

Our logo embodies our strong commitment to spreading our wings and soaring into the global world. The “N” in Nakagawa Seiki symbolizes our journey of continuous improvement and rising to new heights. This design represents our unwavering stance as a company that constantly strives for growth. Additionally, the clear blue color of our logo symbolizes trustworthiness and hope for the future. We hope our technology and passion reach customers around the world.

The president’s image character is also an icon of X.

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Takao Nakagawa, President of Nakagawa Seiki

Video of the first product, “Hagane no koku”

“鋼の刻” from X’s post